Wednesday, October 16, 2013


One of the more entertaining challenges for photographers is venturing out of our comfort zones. To try taking pictures under conditions which are less that ideal.

I wanted to do sunsets -- always problematic on this piece of Atlantic coastline. From anywhere on the east coast getting a clear view of the western sky can be tricky. Or impossible.

So it proved. I had hoped by virtue of a hook of the land the view from Barnstable's beaches might provide a partial view of the setting sun, but a rise of land blocked it. We got colors, but no sun.

The other places from which we might have gotten the picture were universally located on properties that forbid stopping for any reason (you can get a ticket -- or hauled to jail -- for getting flat tire and needing to change it), much less parking and trooping around with cameras. The very rich like their privacy. I'm surprised they let us drive through at all. Ultimately, we wound up -- as expected -- on one of Barnstable's public beach areas. It was lovely, duney and included parking. Even a lighthouse and a view of the ferries ... but no west facing view of the sky.

Our next photographic issue was shooting handheld in very low light. We continued shooting after the sun was gone. I'm surprised so many pictures came out so well. We are better than we think we are, and so, apparently, is our equipment. It rose to the occasion.

It was twilight and light fades fast. We needed to get started if we were going to grab a piece of the light. There were other luscious views to shoot. I think Garry grabbed the best pieces, but mine aren't so bad. I'm going to present Garry's pictures in a separate post since they demand their own space.

These bunch are mine, the type of pictures Tourist Boards like to put on calendars and postcards. Pretty. Cape Cod is definitely very pretty.


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Yes, beautiful this time of year. Read you piece tonight. Don't worry. You will find your center soon. I know it. You're a little like an dryer unbalanced in the spin cycle. Just move some stuff around and it will stop making that nasty buzzing noise.

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