Monday, October 14, 2013


I have a modestly successful blog on WordPress. Serendipity. You can visit it. It's pretty good. Sadly, I can't visit it because I'm on Cape Cod at a nasty little resort called Cape Winds where their ISP, Comcast, has locked me out. Not only locked me out of my own site, but all WordPress sites. My husband too.

Front Office, a pleasant woman who seems proud of her lack of understanding of just about everything, but especially her lack of knowledge about anything technical, is not able to help because I cannot explain the problem. She doesn't know what a router is. After I assured her she really did have one, she said she would have no idea where such a thing is kept. When I said it needed a reboot,A she said that was the job of "the fellow who takes care of those things, but he's not here." She wasn't sure when he would be here.

I said "Call him. Ask where the router is. It's not hard. All you have to do is unplug it, count to 10 slowly, plug it back in."

"No, I can't do that. I wouldn't know how," she assured me fervently.

She had much the same response when I explained that both toilets were clogged and wouldn't flush. I didn't think you could classify toilets under the definition of "technical" or "geeky" but her response was "Hm. Curious."

Curious? The toilet doesn't flush. I can think of a lot of ways to describe it, but "curious" would not be any of them. Fortunately, the maintenance guy didn't think it was curious. He thought the toilet needed replacing and when it clogged up again today, he replaced it with a new toilet that flushes so efficiently I'm afraid it may suck me down into its depths. "GLUG" it says and whoosh, whatever had been there is gone, and I mean completely vanished without a trace.

This vacation has been kind of horrible. More like a week of punishment than a vacation. From the bed we can't sleep in because it's so hard and lumpy it's painful, to the aforementioned toilets, to the huge closet with no hangers, to the ancient, crusty-with-dirt creaking futon in the so-called living room -- but we are sleeping on because it's not as bad as the bed. To this unit's location on the second floor when I'd asked (and really need) handicapped access. To the light bulbs that only work sometimes and all the electrical outlets that do not provide electricity. To the weird sinks in the bathrooms which are 6 inches higher than normal bathroom vanities, so the shelf is near my shoulders. To the general lack of amenities, the overall feeling of drab dilapidation, grit and grime.

There's a bright side. The weather has been exceptional. The photo ops el primo. Today I found -- and bought -- not one but two pair of extremely comfortable shoes which I badly needed. Moreover, the Red Sox won last night, as did the Patriots. The TV works most of the time. Best of all, this awful vacation is going to make terrific humorous anecdotes for years to come.

You can't lose them all.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! At least you found fabulous shoes! :)

Wordsmith said...

GREAT shoes. Appalling resort! It's even worse than I said. Garry said this morning he had no more words to describe this place. At a certain point ... well, now it's mind over matter. Or go home. There's always going home!!

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