Saturday, January 11, 2014


Despite my passion for masked heroes, I was always preferred Superman to Batman. There were a couple of reasons. Superman was genuinely super. Invulnerable. And moreover — HE COULD FLY! Never underestimate a guy who can fly at supersonic speeds. A boyfriend like that could prove really useful on a day-to-day basis. I mean really. Hey, Supe, can you give me a hand moving to that new apartment ?
Me Not Super
Hey, Supe … the roof leaks … could you take a look at it? And that big boulder in the backyard is really ruining my plans for a new garage. You think you could relocate it maybe? And build a foundation for the garage while you are at it? It will just take you a couple of minutes …
So, I’m a Superman kind of gal. Above and beyond that delightful and very useful powers, I just loved that no one recognizes him when he wears his glasses. As a long-time eyeglass wearer, I tried it myself.
“Garry,” I say to get his attention. I then whip my glasses off, stare meaningfully into his eyes and ask “Who am I?”
He laughs. So I do it again, but he just laughs harder.
I persist and try this on friends, relatives and near total strangers, but alas, no one thinks I’m Wonderwoman or Supergirl.
Do you think I need a costume? Or is the gray hair giving me away?

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