Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I admit I wasn't expecting the Cape to be quite so busy in mid October. I remember when the entire area including the Islands closed the day after Labor Day. One day it was high season. The next day you'd be lucky to find a restaurant that was still open for business.

Cape Cod is no longer a summer-only venue. It's commutable from Boston and open all year. And downright busy this time of year. Crowded.

The fishing boats are running full from the piers and everything is open for business. The transformation has been fast. It was just ten years ago when beaches and towns were deserted by the time the leaves were changing.

No more. So come on down. The weather's fine and with luck, you can find a parking space for free! On the Cape, free parking is as good as it gets.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn, First thing I have gotten in quite a while from you.......love it. Also, just lost the comment I made. It asked me to sign in when I put my WordPress ID on......then.......everything was gone.

Anyway, I will do it again as you provided me with a nostalgic interlude. I used to seek out these kind of places up there when I traveled. I actually really enjoyed them the most in the off season for that is when during the day I could find the fisherman and crabbers in dingy waterside bars that I wouldn't go in at night, LOL. Gathered some wonderful stories and met some really cool people.........some who used to be academicians who one day got tired of their lives....sold all, bought a boat and became truly happy with the suit and ties, Johnson and Murphys, and London Fogs traded in for deck shoes, tall heavy rubber boots, slickers, dungarees, polo shirts and sea caps of one kind or another. Like walking into another world those forays of mine were. Your pictures were excellent..I could almost smell the tang of the salt air plus all the rest that goes along with docks of the sort. Also nice to see a shot of Gary practicing his hobby which he must be quite proficient at now with your expert help. Anyway, just wanted you to know your photographs actually evoked my senses......I was almost ON that dock. Don't suppose the boatmen sell seafood ready for the pot right from the boats anymore.......used to be one of my favorite parts of a foray into that world. Also seems a great deal more wealthy! Perhaps I just sought out the less wealthy parts.....who knows........was about 30 years ago! Thanks again, KEITH

Wordsmith said...

The Cape has gotten ever more touristy. It's nice, but the authenticity has slid away. The fishing boats are all designed to take tourists. The excursions are tourist-oriented. It's still the Cape, but not like you remember. Or even like I remember when I first started coming here as a teenager.

Garry's got a GREAT eye, taking his style from John Ford -- not a bad choice of mentors. Basically, I do the post processing (I'm barely literate on Photoshop and I won't even try to afflict him with it ... the "easier" programs are not nearly as good) and charge the batteries. I don't help him take the pictures, except if he has a technical issue.

Modern cameras are easy to use and the one he's using is surprisingly good. It also suits him because it's much larger than a typical point and shoot or even my beloved mirrorless Olympus PENs. With a little reconfiguring, it can do pretty much anything a DSLR can so. Hell of a Leica lens on it, too.

His pictures get better each time he goes out to shoot. Impressive.

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